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SHISA NYAMA conducts marketing and advertising activities which are funded by a central marketing fund from monies collected from the advertising levy appropriated through contributions by all franchisees.

We will advise on any local marketing. Appropriate mediums and advertorials in relevant consumer and trade magazines are generally used with a combination of shows and press advertising. Joint promotions and direct mail will be encouraged to convey Shisa Nyama message to a defined market. The direct selling concept is the very core to Shisa Nyama mode of operation. Each franchise operates independently, marketing and selling the services to the consumer.


Shisa Nyama offers an intensive 15 day in-house training course for franchisees and managers followed by on-the-job training on the training site. Other training courses are also available at various times during the year and will be run on an ongoing and ad hoc basis.

Franchisee profile

Shisa Nyama is particularly interested in people who possess some or all of the following attributes:

  • A people’s person who is able to work with people and have a pleasant, positive and caring nature;
  • He or she must have excellent selling skills, experience in direct selling is preferable;
  • Communication skills: This is one characteristic that any franchisee must possess.

This means they must be able to deal with people in a positive way. A good franchisee is one who enjoys spending time with people. Remember, if one treats their staff and customers with trust and respect, then they will remain loyal to them. Hence, it is must for a franchisee to treat their customers well which will ultimately add to the popularity of a business;

  • Hard working: Running a franchise is not easy “it takes hard work to make it successful”. For new franchises to be successful, a franchisee must not be afraid of hard work and happy to put in the hours required to get the job done;
  • Positive attitude: A potential franchisee must have a positive attitude towards the Shisa Nyama business model. A franchisee must have an optimistic attitude towards work and show that they can work alongside their employees, whether it is in the office, on the store floor or out in the field. They must be willing to look for other ways to make the brand more popular and suggest frequent changes for the betterment of the business. In another words, a franchisee must take action and follow the successes of others. Along with being self-motivated and organised person who wants to succeed, a franchisee must be prepared to work as part of a team; The term to be a good leader, you must also be a good follower. Customers preferring franchised fast food restaurants are generally there because they know what to expect. A franchise system then rests upon the consistency of the products or services it offers. Deviate from this and you have taken out the foundation of this business system. This is why franchisors look for people who can lead and at the same time follow the business system in place. This is why people who can treat the Operations Manual of the company as the Ten Commandments handed down to Moses are generally are probable to succeed as a franchisee.
  • As there is always the chance of a franchise failing. Shisa Nyama is looking for people who cannot just follow the system but can get going when the going gets tough. Of course, getting a franchise also has its risks as with other business systems. What Shisa Nyama likes are people who can handle the risk and work hard to make his franchise a success.
  • Financially and ethically sound person who treats customers, suppliers and Shisa Nyama Support Office with inintegrity.
  • Working capital which will include 6 months personal living expenses while the Franchise outlet is being established.
  • Approximately 40 percent of total set-up costs available in cash.