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Shisa Nyama is as diverse as the vast continent of Africa itself. Combining excellent grades of meat, the freshest ingredients, the friendliest service and the best dining experience possible, we offer you the best at Shisa Nyama.
Shisa Nyama, a Zulu slang expression for ‘buy and braai’, has been traditionally practiced in African culture for years. These days, more and more folks are doing what Africans have traditionally done in their free time and it has evolved into a heritage symbol: grilling good old meat, aka shisa nyama. A traditional buy-and-braai concept that started in South Africa’s townships, has taken off among the South African middle class. What started off as a way for township butcheries to increase their weekend sales has grown in popularity, becoming a place where people go to relax and socialise.
From the outset, the founders have striven to ensure that the very best service is provided, ensuring that the customer’s needs are met at all times. Shisa Nyama: a time to braai still stands today as testimony to their tradition of great tasting meat, served in a friendly and courteous manner.
The Model concept was started in Midrand, Johannesburg in 2007, catering to a middle- to upper-class clientele that wants to enjoy the townships tradition in the northern suburbs. This then resulted to the birth of their now franchised concept for both restaurant/lounge and fast-food outlets. 
It is bringing the African tradition to people where they work and sometimes live, part time or full time. Perpetual focus is on quality of product and service with a smile, food without compromise and an ever-improving ambience.
The Brand’s uniqueness lies in offering value-for-money, top quality meat, combined with special blends of spices, ensuring tantalising flavours that appeal to all palates. The creative image, standardisation of products and adherence to cleanliness serve as the franchise’s main competitive advantages. The customer base is comprised mostly of the African community, but also has great appeal to all cultures.
A primary business goal of Shisa Nyama is to be at the forefront of JOB CREATION, which is essential in our communities to assist in our country’s economic growth. In addition, we are determined to build a brand that can compete with the key industry players who are currently dominating the fast food industry. The Shisa Nyama brand is divided between the restaurant/lounge and fast food franchises. The fast food option serves as a take away franchise and the restaurant/lounge provides a sit-down restaurant that is combined with a social event with live music and all the trimmings of an outdoor restaurant.